Moises Paz, M.S.

President & CEO

Moises Paz has a passion for redefining quality care. In an industry that’s exploding with need, Moises has established a haven for individuals in need of a tailored brand of exclusive care. His method? Maintain a strong personal connection with clients, care partners, and staff. The records speak for themselves.

“In 2016, we created Cura for Care to help seniors thrive at home and reduce the need for expensive medical services,” Moises said. “In 2018, we expanded to provide top-tier childcare and executive assistant professionals to help families and individuals maintain the work/life balance critical to a healthy and active lifestyle.”


With five children, several grandchildren, and parents living with Alzheimers he helped care for, Moises knows first-hand the challenges facing families and seniors today.


A trained family therapist and graduate of UCLA and SDSU, he implemented training programs for staff and college interns. He’s served as CEO for multi-million-dollar non-profits promoting strong families and active, healthy lifestyles for seniors. Moises raised funds for and facilitated memory care training programs for professional and family caregivers throughout TN. For over 20 years, he managed large preschools (350 children), afterschool programs, and day camps with up to 900 campers.


Moises can be reached by email,, or via cell phone, 615.678.9223.

Anita Kincaid

Direction, Client & Community Relations

Anita Kincaid is the personable director of PPS-Cura's client and community relations. With a background in business as well as several years experience as a senior caregiver, Anita brings professionalism and warmth to our staff. In her role as a caregiver, individuals take an instant liking to her. Resistance to necessary tasks like bathing and hygiene dissipates in the light of her good natured confidence. One client in his late 80’s put it simply by saying, “I love Anita.” His wife quickly chimed in that she felt the same way.

Erica Kimball

Operations Assistant

Erica is a vital part of the PPS-Cura team, both as a caregiver on the Cura arm and as an able administrative assistant. She has spent her life as a caregiver, first as a mother baby nurse, and second as a full-time mother. Now she's expanding her reach to bring warm assistance to those needing assistance, whether professionally or in the home.


Erica oversees care plans ensuring service excellence to seniors, children and those served by our executive assistants. She also manages insurance claims ensuring that services are compliant with care plans and insurance policies.


Activities Supervisor, Executive Assistant & Concierge

A self-described “big sister” with a degree in Business Management, Morgan is both professional and charming. She has a magical way with children, and she’s excellent in her role of motivating child care staff to engage with children.

Children and families describe their time with Morgan via Family Care Connection as a fun and engaging experience.

As a concierge and personal/executive assistant, Morgan is capable in all areas of office administration. Her skill with Powerpoint and the entire MS Office Suite, along with her warm, supportive personality, make her a favored member of any team.


Morgan can be reached via or (615) 522-5265.

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