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Breaking Through Your Personal Glass Ceiling

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Regardless who you are, chances are you may feel stuck. If your career isn't moving forward, yet you're doing all you can, perhaps your mindset is creating a glass ceiling, invisible to you, yet a very real obstacle preventing your advancement.

Thinking Like an Executive

One big way many of us fail to penetrate this mental barrier is because we believe "I should do it all." Because we CAN change our own oil, do all the shopping and cooking, manage all appointments, clean the toilet, walk the dog and check the mail, we believe we SHOULD.

That's fine if your job allows time for all that. But if you're in the ranks for advancement, yet you can't jump the current hurdle, could it be that you're not thinking like an executive?

The difference between an executive and the rest of us isn't necessarily greater talent, creativity, or willpower. In many cases, an executive has learned to delegate while the rest of us jealously guard all our responsibilities since "no one can do it like I can."

Baby Steps

If you believe you have what it takes to become an executive, why not learn to delegate in increments? Begin considering what tasks someone else could perform for you. A personal assistant who learns how you operate and builds a rapport with those around you can free you to pursue career steps previously impossible.

Not only that, but a stellar personal assistant can easily become a stellar executive assistant! All it takes is for you to shatter that glass ceiling with the help of an ally. Two are better than one, and the world needs you focused on your specialty, not the toilet brush.

So say it with me! "I am an executive...I am an executive..."

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