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Disaster Averted: Beware Unsynced Prescription Plans

Everybody needs an advocate.

In this Cura Cares Minute, Moises shares a story about how proactive advocacy averted disaster for a senior whose prescriptions were muddled.

This story reminds us that even though all our healthcare providers (hopefully) have our best interests in mind, an involved advocate can oversee to make sure all those involved are on the same page.

Advocacy for seniors means...

1. Be PROACTIVE when dealing with medical staff, whether in hospital or rehab.

2. CHECK whether prescriptions have been changed by someone other than the physician.

3. When returning home after a hospital or rehab stay, MAKE SURE prescriptions are correct.

If you'd like to share your story or learn more about how Cura for Care can help you or your family deal with aging at home or memory loss and live healthy, happy, and active at home, contact Moises at mpaz@pps-cura or 615-522-5265.

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