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No Camp? Make Your Own!

For Erica and her husband, summer in the year of COVID presented the problem of employment with four children who no longer get to enjoy enriching opportunities like summer camp.

Undaunted, Erica and her husband decided to host a personal summer camp in their own backyard. "As director of admissions for our school, I lead a club of amazing high school students. I asked two students who have babysat for me in the past to help me."

After directing the teens in running the daily activities, they opened the camp up to other families with children the same ages as their kids.

"We are blessed with a big backyard and walkout basement," Erica said. "We converted that area to the camp and the kids enter and exit around the side of the house. The kids are well cared for, and it gives me a break to focus on my work for the first time since March!"

The teens take the initiative in preparing activities and planning out each day's schedule. "My kids love the arts and crafts and water play. They like the baking and just hanging out."

What kid wouldn't enjoy the focused attention of teenagers who come early and stay late to clean up, along with the company of friends at their personal homegrown camp?

Thanks to this idea, Erica and her husband have returned to a sense of normalcy as professionals, and their children have strengthened their minds, their bodies, and their friendships. It's a win-win!

If you're interested in how PPS-Cura can help your family enjoy the summer by enlisting a child care professional to keep your kids active and engaged, email us at or call 615-522-5265.


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