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Positive Parenting

Staying positive as a parent requires focus. Yes, children need correction - lots of it - but when parental attitudes get in the mix, things can go nowhere fast.

Whether your kids are prodigies or, well, not, we can all learn from the wisdom of special education teachers. Often, students with special needs are responding to a vibe rather than logic, and speaking to those feelings is high priority.

To capitalize on this, special needs teachers can often correct bad behavior by refocusing on something positive. Say Jimmy keeps kicking the chair next to him. Rather than draw attention to Jimmy's disruptive behavior, the teacher notices another student working quietly and praises her. "I love how Janey's working without making a single sound! She deserves a prize!"

While this could quickly be seen as a ploy by your astute and discerning children, the principle is sound. What you focus on, you get. Rather than nagging our kids today, let's seek out the good behavior we want and praise it, no matter how minor. Let's make it a #nonaggingday!


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