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Why Your Kids CAN Have a Great Summer Even if There's No Camp

This year as camps shutter to prevent the spread of COVID-19, families worry that their children will miss out on the fun of summer.

Here are our favorite ways to encourage creative fun this summer without succumbing to mind-blowing amounts of screentime:

  1. Visit local activities you normally overlook. They don't have to be fancy, either; even places like antique malls can be fun if you go for THE SOLE PURPOSE of enjoying it from a child's point of view. Let the kids lead the way, and let them decide when it's time to leave. Show them the fun of window shopping, and teach them the importance of not touching. And resist the urge to turn this into a grown-up shopping trip...BORRRING!

  2. Get a sprinkler, fill up some water balloons and let them have water wars outside.

  3. Catch butterflies and make a bug collection.

  4. Play kickball or soccer. Even if you're not the athletic type, your kids need YOU.

  5. Make bubbles and use a giant ring to blow monster bubbles.

  6. Grab some neighbor kids, gather the crew and tell stories in the shade. Let everyone participate, even the littles.

  7. Go out in the evening and look up at the stars. Learn the names of the constellations. Try to count them!

We know it can be hard to turn every day into a memory-laden event, but as long as your kids know you enjoy being with them, they'll enjoy it too.

For those times when your mind must be elsewhere once you've gone back to work or other necessities of life, Family Care Connection is ready with trusted, dependable child care professionals who love making every day fun for your kids. Let us know how we can help you by calling 615-522-5265 or emailing


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